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The Importance of Wedding Photography

If there’s ever one day in your life that comes close to being perfect, it’s probably your wedding day. Looking back on that day, you relive the dancing as well as the emotion-charged tears of joy while walking down the aisle. You remember the look on your parents faces, and you see your friends in the background. You remember how the cake tasted and the tears in your dad’s eyes during your special dance. All those little, wonderful things that made your wedding uniquely yours. With Valerie as your photographer, you never have to strain to remember the little details that made the day special. You’ll have pictures of those sweet memories and more. You will see the images of your friends watching you dance, your mother with misty eyes…you’ll even notice things in your images that you didn’t during your wedding day. We capture your story in crisp, colorful clarity.

Your wedding experience is our priority.

Your wedding day is, for us, between seven and eleven hours of on the go, creative, nonstop photography – and we wouldn’t have it any other way! Our goal is to be right in the center of the action: if the best man is doing the ‘worm’ in the middle of the reception dance floor, you better believe that we are right there getting the shot! Valerie has often been called the “photo ninja” because she swoops in and gets the perfect shot…without anyone even noticing she was there. She’s sneaky like that!

In addition to being super detail oriented and in the middle of things, we are also multi-taskers. We are bow-tiers, timeline gurus, make-up fixer-uppers, furniture-movers and more! In addition to portraiture and photojournalism, we work very hard to get classic photos of every guest and every detail. The day goes by in a blur for you, and often it’s hard to remember just who was there, or what funny things were said. With us as your photographers, you will have photos to document every detail!

Your wedding experience starts the day you get engaged. We want to get to know you and celebrate every detail of your love story! Our clients are more than just clients…they become our friends. We cherish putting you as our priority. (We even find ways to spoil our clients, but sssshh that’s our secret!)