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Incredible Beach Boat & Fireworks Proposal in Charleston

Incredible Beach Boat & Fireworks Proposal in Charleston

It’s so fun to see the different approaches to a marriage proposal. Modest and heartfelt, silly and sweet, private and romantic, over-the-top and grand; these are a few ways you could execute your proposal. No matter what though, it is always special for each couple! There’s no comparison to this thrilling once-in-a-lifetime moment! That is why when you’ve decided to pop THE big question, proposal photography should be included in your plans. The two of you will LOVE having those priceless images of such a special day and be admired for generations to come. Jason requested Valerie & Co. Photographers capture his incredible beach boat & fireworks proposal in Charleston to Lauren and she just adores sharing their awesome story!

Lauren recalled, “As Jason and I transitioned to yet another new house, we had been crashing with a close friend and living out of boxes. My mom, being the caring mother that she is, managed to convince me that Jason and I both deserve a mini-vacation and that her and my dad had rented a condo on Isle of Palms for the two of us to stay at while we were in town for a family wedding. Initially, I protested because the last thing I wanted to do was pack for a vacation in the midst of living out of boxes, but I knew that Jason had been extra stressed at work and needed a break so I accepted my parent’s generous offer.”

“Our condo had its own private pier and we stopped there first to take in the view. Because I did not have my purse and it looked like rain, I asked Jason if I could put my cellphone in his pocket. Thinking nothing of it, I went to slide it into his pocket and he nearly slapped it out of my hand and into the ocean. I remember thinking that was really odd but just figured he was tired of always having to hold all of my stuff. I didn’t blame him too much because I am always asking him to hold my things. I started getting anxious about the storm and wanted to get our stroll on the beach started so we could get back before the rain.”

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Rain can make for very romantic images, but Lauren had no idea what was about to happen and that Jason planned this incredible beach boat & fireworks proposal in Charleston for her! She said, “As we started walking, Jason pointed out that we were close to the spot where we had first said ‘I love you’ and we began reminiscing on our relationship and the past. Before I could get my next thought out, Jason drew my attention to a boat in the distance. Instantly, I was terrified because I was sure they would capsize in the waves the encroaching storm was producing. As the boat got closer it became more familiar to me and I remember asking Jason if the boat was the same as my brother’s. I was confused because I knew my brother had been out on his boat that day, but I didn’t know why on earth he would come over to Isle of Palms in the terrible weather. At this point, I was convinced that Jason and I would have to save whoever these crazy people were on that boat!”

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“The boat finally got close enough for me to realize that this really was my brother’s boat! And those crazy people; they were my mom, my dad, and my brother. About the time that I came to this realization, a banner unrolled on the boat that read, ‘Lauren, Will You Marry me?’ and instantly I was in shock. I turned around to look at Jason and he was down on one knee with a beautiful, engraved ring box. I was in tears; I could not believe what was happening! In fact, Jason likes to tell everyone that I actually backpedaled in shock at first, but I don’t remember any of that. If you asked me exactly what Jason said in that moment, I honestly couldn’t tell you but I do remember hearing him say that he loved me more than anything in world and that he wanted to spend the rest of our lives together, followed by the four most amazing words I have ever heard, ‘Will you marry me?’ I couldn’t even muster up enough composure to actually say yes, but I think he knew my answer when I threw my arms around his neck, kissed him, and didn’t let go! Jason slipped the most gorgeous ring onto my finger and as he did I heard the sound of fireworks. I turned back towards the ocean to catch the beautiful firework display coming from my brother’s boat! But the surprises were not over just yet!”

Incredible Beach Boat & Fireworks Proposal in Charleston, Surprise Engagement Photographer, Folly Beach, Sullivans Island, Isle of Palms, Charleston Proposal Pictures  (1 of 5)

Incredible Beach Boat & Fireworks Proposal in Charleston, Surprise Engagement Photographer, Folly Beach, Sullivans Island, Isle of Palms, Charleston Proposal Pictures  (5 of 5)

As it turns out, our studio was not only in on the surprise for Jason’s already incredible beach boat & fireworks proposal in Charleston, but we learned we were also to be a part of the surprise! Lauren continues on saying, “As I watched in astonishment, and still in complete shock, Jason whispered to me that my favorite photographer was on the pier and had caught this amazing moment for us to cherish forever! We even managed to sneak in a quick portrait session before the rain downpour began. And boy did it pour! Even with the rain, everything about the day was absolutely perfect and was everything I had ever dreamed for!”

Incredible Beach Boat & Fireworks Proposal in Charleston, Surprise Engagement Photographer, Folly Beach, Sullivans Island, Isle of Palms, Charleston Proposal Pictures  (4 of 5)

What a compliment knowing Lauren so admires Valerie & Co. Photographers and we are very glad Jason thought to include us. For our studio, really what’s most touching is the honor of having been a part of the sweet story of their engagement and documenting everything! If we had to describe Jason and Lauren’s incredible beach boat & fireworks proposal in Charleston, it would be heartfelt, over-the-top, and, of course, very special 🙂 Valerie & Co. Photographers would love to capture your special story for YOU too!

Incredible Beach Boat & Fireworks Proposal in Charleston, Surprise Engagement Photographer, Folly Beach, Sullivans Island, Isle of Palms, Charleston Proposal Pictures  (3 of 5)

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Nikki & Bay Tie the Knot! – An Island Wedding

Nikki & Bay Tie the Knot! – An Island Wedding

In today’s society, couples rarely last. We wish things were different, but it’s true; people rarely stay in love, much less survive through all of life’s trials. When the rare couple pops up that does last, there is nothing we at the Valerie and Co. Photograhers studio find more joy in than celebrating that love.

Lasting love leaves a mark- in the expression on the couple’s faces, the way they naturally move toward each other, in the reactions of the people closest to them. It makes everything that much more beautiful, and that much more special. It’s for this reason that we loved getting to celebrate Niki and Bay’s island wedding as their wedding photographers. Niki and Bay have been together for twelve years! Bay saw Niki at cheer practice in high school, and the rest was history. This couple has lasted through high school, college, and a terrifying accident that left Bay with a broken back. A year later, the couple are stronger than ever and officially married!

The day was perfect- for once this summer, the Charleston skies didn’t open up, and there was no rain. In the worship center of James Island Baptist Church, Niki and Bay said their vows surrounded by all of their friends and family. In coral bridesmaids dresses were Niki’s oldest friends (they’d all known each other since middle school!). Next to them stood Bay’s niece, the flower girl, in a giant, tulle, tutu dress. She was so adorable! The groomsmen all looked handsome in their matching, crab patterned ties. The pattern was a very southern style- as was the rest of the wedding. The couple left their ceremony in a cloud of smoke and burned tires in Bay’s father’s red vintage Chevelle convertible.

The reception was held at the Island House on Johns Island. With a giant tent over head, and a gorgeous marsh to look out on, the guests danced the night away to the sounds of the live band, Two 3 Ways. After champagne toasts (one of which was given by Bay’s father, who was instructed to stall as long as possible- that was a funny sight! He spoke very slowly, and kept checking his watch :-)), dancing, a surprising garter toss, and the cake cutting, Niki and Bay left the reception in the Chevelle, to their Happily Forever After.


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Charleston Visitor Center Wedding Venue

Charleston Visitor Center Wedding Venue

Are you looking to have your wedding reception in Charleston, South Carolina but on a tight budget? Then the Charleston Visitor Center might be the venue for you. Although a visitor center might have been the last venue that came to mind while planning your wedding, this historical building has plenty of room for a medium-sized reception for a cost lower than most other venues in Charleston. What’s more, the basic appearance of the venue has the potential for any creative pursuits without competing with the venue’s own makeup.

The venue takes up over 11,000 square feet of space. Once the site of America’s first passenger railroad station in 1856, the J.R. Deans Warehouse was restored to include its original floors and beams and reopened as the visitor center in 1991. Although historical, the venue has clean, modern facilities and a long porch. The spacious setup of the center invites guests to escape the loud music of your reception to chat or simply take a break from the party for a little while. The building can accommodate up to 250 guests for a buffet-style reception or 150 for a seated dinner. There is standing room for about 400 guests. The venue also includes a bus shed- a long, open-air structure covered with a roof, which can accommodate as many as 1,600 seated guests and provides standing room for 3,200 guests.

For a more unique event, you might consider having a train-themed wedding to complement the venue. You could send invitations that resemble antique train tickets and provide your guests with train whistles as wedding favors. Although the train tracks leading up to the station have long since been removed, the wooden benches along the outside of the building could still provide the wedding couple with a great background for train-themed photos, especially with props like luggage and clothes from your era of choice. Perhaps your bride would love to wear an elegant, antique gown from the early 1900s and pose beside her luggage as though waiting for her train to come in.

The only drawback to this venue is that the Charleston Visitor Center insists that reception events end by midnight and no later. If your ceremony is earlier in the day, this might not be a problem for you, but if you’re a night owl with a passion for late-night partying you might have to compromise. Also, parking at the center is typically $2 an hour and up to $12 a day, but paid parking is typical of the glamorous city of Charleston. If you do consider this venue for the site of your reception make sure that you inquire about the official Charleston Visitor Center, as there are imposters in the city.

Whether you’re looking to have an eccentric, era-themed wedding or you’re a minimalist hoping to pinch pennies, the Charleston Visitor Center is a venue that has something to offer. For more information about this venue, please call (843) 724-7174.

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