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White Point Gardens Wedding Venue in Charleston, SC

White Point Gardens Wedding Venue in Charleston, SC

If you are looking for a ceremony site in Charleston, South Carolina that will accommodate 25 or fewer

guests, consider White Point Gardens. This beautiful park features over six acres of land located on

Murray Drive across from the Historic Charleston Battery. Whether you are a history buff or simply

enjoy the idea of having your ceremony in a natural setting, this park has something to offer you.

White Point Gardens is a lovely park draped in history. The park got its name back in 1837 when the

lawn was covered in sun-bleached oyster shells. Even today visitors have the opportunity to walk

along oyster shell pathways and enjoy large, shady oak trees that have been around for some time. The

park also features artifacts and memorials from both the Revolutionary War and the Civil War.

A popular site for weddings is the park’s recently renovated gazebo, which is surrounded by beautiful

Spanish oaks. It was originally constructed in 1907 as a memorial for the owners of the Calhoun

Mansion, a lovely Victorian house that stands across the street from the park. The gazebo is perfect

for enjoying the breeze off of the Charleston Harbor as well as maintaining a focal point for your

ceremony amidst beautiful surroundings. Best of all, this location can be reserved for as little as $100.

If you are considering having an eccentric theme for your wedding, you will be pleased to hear that

a pirate by the name of Steve Bonnet was hung in this park and was left hanging for four days to

scare away other pirates. A pirate-themed wedding might just be in order. If you want to embrace

the adventure of this idea but would rather tone down its eccentricity, consider having a traditional

ceremony and introduce playful wedding favors such as Frisbees, sunglasses or balloons instead of eye

patches and chocolate gold coins.

Like with every wedding venue, there are both pros and cons to having your ceremony at White Point

Gardens. The benefits of this location include its price, its natural charm, its convenient location, free

parking, and its relaxed yet elegant setting. The one downside to this venue is that there are no public

restrooms. If you are content with this trade-off, please contact the City of Charleston’s permitting

office at 843-724-7327 to make arrangements for your Big Day.

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Battery Gazebo at White Point Gardens, Charleston

Battery Gazebo at White Point Gardens, Charleston

Battery Gazebo at WhitePointGardens is a beautiful place for a small wedding. Located in downtown Charleston on the block bounded by King Street, South Battery Street, East Battery, and Murray Blvd, it is impossible to miss when driving.

The Battery gazebo is located in a scenic area. In order to have a wedding here you will need a permit at least two weeks in advance of your wedding day. In order to reserve this park for a wedding, contact the City of Charleston Recreation Department at 843-724-7327.

They limit the guests to 25 because it is not very big. Unfortunately, there are no public restrooms readily available. It is a free park to visit and is always open. The “Battery Park”, though not it’s real name, was named for a costal defense in the civil war, the artillery battery. It stretches onto the lower shores of the Charleston peninsula and bordered by two rivers.

The WhiteGardens were named because in the 1600s there were oyster shells that were bleached by the sun. Now, it remains the WhiteGardens, but the shells are now covered by a lawn and greenery. It was used for a public garden park back in 1837.

Beauty comes in small packages though. This stunning Battery Gazebo is surrounded by greenery and a park that is one of the most elegant in Charleston, SC. The park has scenic Civil War artifacts as well. Right across the street is the Charleston Battery overlooking Charleston Harbor and Ft. Sumter. The Battery Gazebo at White Point Gardens is a place of beautiful photography because of the waters, large oak trees, and it is close to very unique backdrops.

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