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Carmen & Manfred’s Destination Wedding – A Cape Town Wedding

Carmen & Manfred’s Destination Wedding – A Cape Town Wedding

At Valerie & Co, we value friendships and relationships higher than anything else. So, what could make a destination wedding in Cape Town, South Africa more exciting than it already sounds? The wedding of two very dear friends!!
Valerie met Carmen and Manfred when she lived in Berlin, Germany. She met Manfred at Hillsong Church, and did a photoshoot for his band, Placid Revival. It was at the wedding of the band’s bassist (for whom Valerie was the photographer) that she met Carmen, and they hit it off! Carmen is down to earth, funny, and goofy and perfect for Manfred- and that chemistry, as well as their friendship with Valerie, made their wedding one of our top favorites of 2012.

Before the wedding, the couple and Valerie headed out to Blauberg Beach for sunset engagement pictures in front of Table Mountain (one of the seven wonders of the world).
The day Carmen and Manfred got married, the weather was perfect. People from all over the world flew in to attend the sweet celebration. Held under a tent at the Nitida Wine Farm (not, Nitida Winery, no sir! In fact, Valerie even got made fun of for calling it a winery!) in Durbinville, the wedding was picture perfect.


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