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Nikki & Bay Tie the Knot! – An Island Wedding

Nikki & Bay Tie the Knot! – An Island Wedding

In today’s society, couples rarely last. We wish things were different, but it’s true; people rarely stay in love, much less survive through all of life’s trials. When the rare couple pops up that does last, there is nothing we at the Valerie and Co. Photograhers studio find more joy in than celebrating that love.

Lasting love leaves a mark- in the expression on the couple’s faces, the way they naturally move toward each other, in the reactions of the people closest to them. It makes everything that much more beautiful, and that much more special. It’s for this reason that we loved getting to celebrate Niki and Bay’s island wedding as their wedding photographers. Niki and Bay have been together for twelve years! Bay saw Niki at cheer practice in high school, and the rest was history. This couple has lasted through high school, college, and a terrifying accident that left Bay with a broken back. A year later, the couple are stronger than ever and officially married!

The day was perfect- for once this summer, the Charleston skies didn’t open up, and there was no rain. In the worship center of James Island Baptist Church, Niki and Bay said their vows surrounded by all of their friends and family. In coral bridesmaids dresses were Niki’s oldest friends (they’d all known each other since middle school!). Next to them stood Bay’s niece, the flower girl, in a giant, tulle, tutu dress. She was so adorable! The groomsmen all looked handsome in their matching, crab patterned ties. The pattern was a very southern style- as was the rest of the wedding. The couple left their ceremony in a cloud of smoke and burned tires in Bay’s father’s red vintage Chevelle convertible.

The reception was held at the Island House on Johns Island. With a giant tent over head, and a gorgeous marsh to look out on, the guests danced the night away to the sounds of the live band, Two 3 Ways. After champagne toasts (one of which was given by Bay’s father, who was instructed to stall as long as possible- that was a funny sight! He spoke very slowly, and kept checking his watch :-)), dancing, a surprising garter toss, and the cake cutting, Niki and Bay left the reception in the Chevelle, to their Happily Forever After.


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